Let’s Do This Together

Commercial Investment Services is incredibly blessed to work with tenants, landlords and a vast array of businesses in our community, as well as throughout the region. As a commercial brokerage, we are fortunate to work with Buyers & Sellers of commercial properties and businesses, and have listened to the array of issues facing these principals, so many of which could never have been imagined. As a property management company, the conversations that we’ve had with our tenants that own businesses have been frank, raw, and at times, gut-wrenching. By and large, our landlord conversations have all been the same…let’s see where this goes before we make any decisions regarding rental payments, because, how do we know what this will look like next week? Next month? Three months from now?

Listen – this virus is scary and there is no doubt it must be taken seriously. The prescribed health measures are understandable. Those health providers on the front lines deserve accolades – truly, thank you for all you’ve done. The employees that are checking groceries, bringing meals to your car, operating offices from a six-foot distance or remote basis – they deserve recognition as well. There is a lot of fight against this unseen enemy and that is very heartening.

However, from the “front line” of working with so many businesses, the economic impact is also very real. Livelihoods are in the balance. We have had a tenant literally drop off keys, with a hand-written note, and remorsefully admit they’re done. Another letter from a decades-long tenant stating that at the end of the month, their doors will close, for good. Our salons, our massage therapists, our tattoo providers, some of our retailers – done (for now). Other retailers are trying to be as creative as possible to entice customers, all the while trying to be cognizant that many in their customer base have experienced loss of income as well. Countless other tenants have significantly abbreviated their operating hours, in an effort to simply make it through this. The stifling of our businesses cannot end soon enough. This. Is. Real.

Commercial Investments Services stands with all local businesses during these unfathomable times. We feel your pain and wholeheartedly support your efforts to battle, to survive, and to ultimately thrive. Together, friends & colleagues, let’s get through this. Let’s fight. Let’s create. Let’s foster ingenuity. Let’s do everything we can as a business community that’s at our disposal. Support local. Reach out to a friend. Stay strong. And, please, know that if we can help in any way, we want to do just that. We’re here, we’ll listen, and we’ll work with you and your business. Let’s do this, together. Let’s go!