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Well-Planned Landscaping

Posted by Karen Meade | June 12, 2018

Property managers must watch the nickels and dimes as well as the dollars that are spent on the property. Save one dollar in operating costs and (assuming a 10% cap rate) value of the property increases by $10. That is why good real estate managers are always looking for new ways to economize. In addition to saving money, we are always looking for a way to invest a little in the property for a good return. A well-planned landscape has a recovery value of 100% to 200% in increased rentals at the typical suburban office building. In addition, the owner gets back more than just dollars spent; the landscaping dramatically influences an owner’s positive image in the community. A well-maintained… Read more »

Your Real Estate Investment

Posted by Karen Meade | May 18, 2018

Knowing what you can do in some investment situations can be the difference between an annual profit or loss in your currently owned commercial property or the one you intend to acquire. How you acquire it can be important. The professional commercial real estate broker is in the position to represent a client in real estate transactions by setting up sales, exchanges, leases, purchase and sales of options, and management of real estate. This real estate practitioner stays aware of current tax laws and court decisions in order to structure transactions, but does not give legal or tax advice (unless he/she is also an attorney or a certified public accountant). In any complex transaction that might result in changes in… Read more »

Investing In Industrial Properties

Posted by Karen Meade | April 23, 2018

Investing In Industrial Properties If you haven’t considered industrial properties as an investment vehicle, it may be time to take a look. Warehouse and distribution (W&D) properties are of interest because their standard layout suits a wide range of users, in contrast to specialized manufacturing facilities. Industrial properties look good for the following reasons: • The market for industrial property is doing well with vacancy rates nationwide below those of other commercial buildings. • There is a shift in the location and nature of demand, caused by changing technology and trade patterns, that will present investment opportunities. • Institutional investors who have portfolios that are light in industrial assets are acquiring W&D properties for diversification. With any kind of investment,… Read more »

The Land Under A Business–The Most Valuable Asset

Posted by Karen Meade | March 15, 2018

Anyone who owns a home that was located in a hot housing market a few years ago knows that the land can be worth more than the actual home. Now many companies are figuring out the same about their own real estate holdings. Many entrepreneurs spend their adult lives building a business up so that it can be sold at their retirement or passed down to their heirs. Now many of them are finding that the land under the business is worth far more than the business itself. Major retail firms are in this category. A lot of companies will be more attractive for their hard assets than their actual sales, particularly during a recession. The Lessor’s Benefits When land… Read more »

Restructuring Troubled Property

Posted by Karen Meade |

In any market, good or bad, there are always problem properties. Most are only troubled or problem properties because of the current ownership. Some may be neglected only because the present owner has failed to do fairly simple things that can solve the problems. Buying property and solving problems is a profit-making business. Have you seen: An empty office building. A remodeled apartment house or hotel that has an excessively high level of vacancy. A large tract of undeveloped land that no developer has become serious about wanting to develop. These are examples of troubled property–property that is a definite financial burden to continue to hold but which also is unattractive property to some prospective buyers. Unattractive, that is, until… Read more »

Be Aggressive In Getting Commercial Tenants

Posted by Karen Meade | October 3, 2017

At all times, good or bad, we must aggressively search for replacement tenants. A month’s rent from a vacant unit can never be recovered. Just running expensive advertising for this space can be nonproductive. A better way might be to have a professional management company that keeps all local brokers who specialize in leasing informed of the advantages and amenities of the building. Here are some other ideas: • Don’t scare away potential tenants with marketing gimmicks like free rent. This kind of offer can give the tenant a negative impression and start him/her looking for the things that must be wrong with the building. The professional approach is to stress the positive features of a building and work with… Read more »

Who Will Buy When You Want To Sell?

Posted by Karen Meade | September 15, 2017

If you are new to investing in income property, you may have made a choice in advance of the type of investment property that you wish to own. There are many good types of investment properties: apartments, office buildings, shopping centers, high rise parking garages in downtown areas, warehouses, resort rentals and many others. Each of these takes a different type of management. Any and all should be under professional management during your ownership. Good management will ensure a profit for you when the investment is sold. Even before buying the commercial property, you should consider who might be willing to buy it when you want to sell. The specific buyer doesn’t need to be identified, but the type of… Read more »

New Storage Facility in North Platte

Posted by Karen Meade | July 26, 2017

CIS welcomes the newest member of our storage facility group. Bloedorn Avenue Storage is a fully secured outdoor storage facility. Surrounded by a security fence, PIN pad entry and security lighting. The space sizes run from 10 x 20 up to 10 x 40 to accommodate all of your storage needs.

Preventative Maintenance For Any Kind of Rental

Posted by Karen Meade | May 18, 2017

Preventative Maintenance For Any Kind of Rental Maintenance of any rental building, either residential or commercial, should be handled as much as possible as a routine rather than an emergency. Preventative maintenance must be performed on a regular basis to keep the level of service at the property high and to reduce equipment breakdowns and service interruptions. Toward this end, the maintenance staff and on-site manager should make regular inspections for the repair and replacement of items before problems occur. Preventative maintenance reduces the number of emergencies by anticipating wear and tear that the property, buildings and equipment will undergo. Preventative maintenance is one of the most important components of successful property management. An appropriate preventative maintenance program should be… Read more »

Management Of Your Investment Portfolio

Posted by Karen Meade | April 19, 2017

When you make your investment in real estate, it is implied that you want to make money. The cash can come from direct income from the property or from capital gains from a sale after an increase in value. Either way, the investment must be managed, considered, and watched at all times. If the owner and manager are taking care of business, there may be ways to increase the income, and the value. There is always the possibility to make a sale for the right price and terms. Keeping aware of the market might bring an opportunity to make a tax-deferred exchange into a property with more benefits for the owner. Real estate investors often own various kinds of properties…. Read more »